Noel-Baza Fine Art

  1. K.R. Thompson:

A New Mythos

This collection of paintings by Kerry Thompson explores the interplay of science, human emotion and myth-making by infusing classical form with contemporary artistic theory

Kerry Thompson attended San Francisco State University where he graduated Magna Cum-Laude with a degree in Studio Painting and Conceptual Information Arts.

We are pleased to present the first solo exhibition

of his work in San Diego.

at left - Patron Saint Of The Silurian Reef Resurgence oil and gold leaf on panel 24” x 18” 2011

ARTIST’S STATEMENT- “My continuing body of work is a re-imagining of humankind's perception of its mythic and scientific origins, a kind of new mythos in which evolution is informed and facilitated by mythic figures. These figures are charged with the development of life on Earth, improving the physiologies of the flora and fauna, nurturing newly developed stages of life, and shaping the very environment itself to better suit life’s changing needs. With each painting a new point on the re-imagined time-line is added and another deity or saint joins the growing pantheon of the new mythos.

The series is informed by a number of styles and genres, using visual cues, composition and subject to fit the work into an existing art historical context. These elements include iconography from Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical stylistic periods, the scale and scope of history painting, and the realism of academicism.

Beyond the potentially extensive mythology-evolutionary series, my work will continue to explore the interplay of science, mythic signification, and human emotion in a fusion of both contemporary theory and classical form.”