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Identity:  real, imagined or transformed is the subject of this exhibition of work by Josue Castro on view March 11th - April 23rd.

Adapted from San Diego Citybeat May 4, 2010 by Lorena Nava Ruggero

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At 54, Josue Castro has had a long road to photography.  To please his parents, he earned a degree in graphic design from the Universidad Iberoamericano in Mexico City, where he grew up.  He later studied painting and started showing his work 15 years ago. Thanks to San Diego City College and his friend San Diego photographer David Fokos, Castro began working as a photographer. “With one, you paint with acrylics, oils or other kinds of material. With photos, you paint with light. Because that’s the etymology of photography—‘painting with light,’” Castro says.

Josue Castro’s recent work explores the idea of personal or “secret” identities.  His photographs capture the inner truth or the face people hide from public view. Prompted by the passage of Prop 8 banning Gay marriage, Castro became interested in our tendency to compartmentalize our experiences, interests and beliefs. Using the subject’s occupation as the title, Castro seeks to explore the divisiveness people experience once their opinions are known—whether it’s support of gay marriage, religion or politics or involvement in a sub-culture. “People really change once they know your secret. Otherwise, they don’t care.  The idea is to make people feel that once you know the secret of anybody, you start treating the people different,” he adds. “That’s the main concept of this project.”