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Bare, Naked & Nude

Exhibition will be on view through December 18th.


December 11th,  Hugo Crosthwaite - Drawing Theresa

Special Project between Hugo Crosthwaite & Josue Castro. 

11:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Crosthwaite will create a drawing on the nude body of a woman in the gallery. Josue Castro will  photograph Theresa for his series Alternate Identities of the  Saturday December 11th from 11am-5pm.   SEE BELOW


Hugo Crosthwaite will spend the afternoon drawing on the body of his model Theresa.

Saturday December 11th from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Join us for this opportunity to view the creative process of a unique artist.

Hugo Crosthwaite is featured in Bram Dijkstra’s new book, Naked: The Nude in America.  Crosthwaite’s work was the subject of two landmark shows earlier this year

Brutal Beauty at the San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA)

and Dark Dreams, a twelve year retrospective at Noel-Baza Fine Art.




Drawing Theresa

Project between Hugo Crosthwaite and Josue Castro

Noel – Baza Fine Art on December 11th, 2010

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In conjunction with  Bare, Naked & Nude the current exhibition at Noel-Baza Fine Art and the release of Bram Dijkstra’s new book, NAKED The Nude in America, New York based and Tijuana born artist Hugo Crosthwaite and Mexico City born and San Diego based photographer, Josue Castro will do a drawing performance and photographic collaboration entitled Drawing Theresa.  The performance, lasting for six hours, consists of Crosthwaite, using the nude body as a canvas.  Bare, Naked & Nude and Drawing Theresa explore the effect of nudity in the social and political discourse. This performance will take place at Noel-Baza Fine Art, 2165 India Street, San Diego, California 92101.  Parts of the performance will require viewers to be 21 and over while some parts will be available to all and can be seen from the gallery window.

When the drawing is complete, photographer, Josue Castro will photograph Theresa for his series Alternate Identities. The result of this collaborative work will be a series of monumental photographs available in 2011.

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Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery is located at 2165 India Street in Little Italy, San Diego, CA  92101
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HUGO CROSTHWAITE - Born in Tijuana, Mexico in 1971, Crosthwaite grew up in the tourist-heavy town of Rosarito. He later moved to San Diego and graduated from San Diego State University in 1997 with a BA in Applied Arts and Sciences from the School of Art, Art Design and Art History.  Just as Crosthwaite’s life has bordered two cities, his work straddles the contemporary shine of San Diego and the gritty icon laden world of Tijuana.

Crosthwaite’s solo and collective exhibitions have traveled extensively in the United States and Mexico. His work was selected by  Carter Foster (Curator of Drawings at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art) for inclusion in the 22nd International Juried Show at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.

His recent 2009 solo exhibition at Pierogi Gallery in New York and his monumental drawing at Boffo Projects were described by the Village Voice as "Caravaggio-like drama and edging toward surrealism, the wondrous graphite-and charcoal scenes of urban existence-by a superb draftsman-are like illustrations for a latter day Dante."

Hugo Crosthwaite's drawings combine mythical and historical sources with contemporary provocations. He merges abstract and surreal qualities with classical and baroque imagery, a process in which he describes as "a feeling of spontaneity in which history, mythology, and abstraction collide."  The Los Angeles Times said of his work  "Hugo Crosthwaite’s drawings fuse character and cartoon, idiosyncratic identity and flat graphic energy."

Living on the border provides material from which strange street characters, commercial facades, and cartoon creatures evolve. Crosthwaite's work reflects Latin cultural influences from colonization and its customization of American icons. This combined with a baroque narrative emulates the chaotic sediment reminiscent of Tijuana, Mexico and the organized commercialism of America. 
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At 54, Josue Castro has had a long road to photography.  To please his parents, he earned a degree in graphic design from the Universidad Iberoamericano in Mexico City, where he grew up.  He later studied painting and started showing his work 15 years ago. Thanks to San Diego City College and his friend San Diego photographer David Fokos, Castro began working as a photographer. “With one, you paint with acrylics, oils or other kinds of material. With photos, you paint with light. Because that’s the etymology of photography—‘painting with light,’” Castro says.

Josue Castro’s recent work explores the idea of personal or “secret” identities.  His photographs capture the inner truth or the face people hide from public view. Prompted by the passage of Prop 8 banning Gay marriage, Castro became interested in our tendency to compartmentalize our experiences, interests and beliefs. Using the subject’s occupation as the title, Castro seeks to explore the divisiveness people experience once their opinions are known—whether it’s support of gay marriage, religion or politics or involvement in a sub-culture. “People really change once they know your secret. Otherwise, they don’t care.  The idea is to make people feel that once you know the secret of anybody, you start treating the people different,” he adds. “That’s the main concept of this project.”