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Photographer, Becky Cohen, resident of Encinitas, California, is best known for the photographs she made for Robert Irwin Getty Garden, published by The J. Paul Getty Museum, which earned her rave reviews in a wide range of publications.  Independently, both The Times, of London, and The Los Angeles Times Book Review called her photography for Robert Irwin Getty Garden, “exquisite”.    Shot over four years, this body of work, also, provided images for a second book, The Plants in The Getty’s Central Garden, which is a plant encyclopedia in handbook form.

An Alfred Eisenstaedt Awards 2000 winner, Cohen’s photographs have been collected to major museums worldwide, including The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; The Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; The Los Angeles County Museum; The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; The Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego; and have been published widely including in LIFE, The New York Times, and Architectural Record. 

Currently she has two works in progress:  The first is Le Nôtre and Time, devoted to all eighteen gardens designed by French baroque landscape architect, André Le Nôtre.  This book of photographs, seen through an artist’s eye, will become the first standard reference for these historic landscapes.  The second is The Japanese Friendship Garden Book, celebrating the Japanese Friendship Garden, in Balboa Park, on the occasion of the City of San Diego having given this garden an extra 8.5 acres to adjoin its existing 2.5.  This book project will be conducted over the coming five or six years in parallel with the development of the garden’s expansion.  

The artist is also deeply involved her long-standing work on the unclothed human figure, where the image is equally made from both sides of the lens.  Bodies of work devoted to this theme are Swimmers, Sleepers, Venus and Mars At Their Ablutions In A Rented Beach House, He Looks Pretty Good In My Dress, Michael Undressing For Me, Deuces Dreaming, and Steve Stone and the Moon.


Becky Cohen

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